Geneva, Switzerland – Police and outcome against rioters


First arrests three months after the wild demo in Geneva
RTS, Saturday, March 12
Nearly three months after the wild demonstration degenerated in Geneva, cantonal police arrested several people suspected of involvement in acts of vandalism, learned the RTS.
According to our information, the Geneva police have been making arrests for several days as part of the investigation into the unauthorized demonstration in support of the alternative culture which had degenerated on 19 December.After nearly three months of research, at least one person was arrested among the identified suspects, all resident in Geneva according to our information, thanks to the witnesses at the scene that Saturday night. Arrests are expected to continue in the coming days.
Sharp criticism
We remember, the casseurs had defiled the Grand Theatre facade with motor oil. They also tagged numerous buildings and smashed dozens of shop windows. They were all Geneva residents, according to information from the RTS confirmed by the former number two of the Geneva police John Sanchez.
The police on site had been taken by surprise, which had given rise to criticism, particularly political. Pierre Maudet, Administrative Councillor in charge of Security, admitted an unsatisfactory management of the situation on the basis of publicly available police reports.
An administrative investigation is being conducted against Christian Cudré-Mauroux, chief of operations and number two of the Geneva police, today temporarily suspended.
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