Palermo, Italy – Anarchists comrades accused of instigation to commit crime


From the court of Palermo we received notification concerning the end of an investigation against a number of anarchist comrades, who are accused of instigation to commit crime in relation to the offences described in articles 270bis, 270sexies, 280, 280bis and 253.
The indictment refers to the publication and distribution of posters such as ‘Senti?’ [Can you hear?], ‘Contro radar e antenne: azione diretta!’ [Against radars and antennas: direct action!] and ‘Qui ed ora’ [Here and now] and to publications such as ‘Contributi critici su una discussione che non c’è’ [Critical contributions to a debate that is not] and ‘L’imbarazzo della scelta’ [‘Spoiled for choice’].
A few anarchists from Palermo
Translated by act for freedom now

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