Italy – SOLIDARITY AND COMPLICITY: notes on Silvia’s, Billy’s and Costa’s attempted attack on IBM in Switzerland and on the trial in Italy


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In the numerous solidarity initiatives organized in the last months in many places all over Italy, we felt there was a want for a paper that collected some writings in solidarity, our declarations to the court and the many initiatives and direct actions carried out during the time of our imprisonment. Obviously, such a collection of writings is not meant for self-celebration or attention-seeking; instead, by revisiting that ‘season’, it intends to (re)trace the path that represents the continuity of a struggle inside and outside, during and after our imprisonment. A struggle that is also a search for meaning and understanding of what were and are our practices, which in turn represent many trajectories different from one another but which came to intertwine at that time.
With the material collected together in this publication we want to relaunch the reasons for which we continue to believe it necessary to struggle against techno-totalitarianism. In times of Green Economy the key word is ‘eco-sustainability’. We think that only through radical critique will it be possible to unveil this fiction and remain lucid in the face of the constant springing up of ‘eco/animal-friendly’ alternatives, with which the economic-social system of oppression and plunder is reformulating itself and using them as smoke and mirrors. Lucid in understanding that the problem is not in the ‘rotten apples’ of industrial production, ‘bad multinationals’ or the ‘greed’ of domineering consumerism to be opposed with critical and conscious consumerism, but rather the very foundations society formulates itself upon: the necessity to control and dominate all the existent, its processes, ecosystems, human communities and those of other animals.

As Ted Kaczynski wrote in ‘Hit where it hurts more’ there are elements the system will never give up because they are vital to its very survival. While at the time when Kaczynski wrote these elements were mainly biotechnologies, the last decade’s development of research on a nanometres scale has allowed access to the ‘bricks of matter’, the substance of all sciences. In this way the base was created to obtain a material unit on a nanometre scale, which unites fields that were separated before; atoms of carbon can be found in both all living organisms and inorganic matter: working on a nanometre scale one can unite a living organism to artificial matter. Starting from the mutation of living elements one can even come to plan and reconstruct biological parts, to such an extent that one can even envisage new organisms: that’s synthetic biology. The convergence of nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, computer science and cognitive sciences with all their world-changing consequences, is the front we cannot avoid considering in radical critique and in a struggle that wants to strike, by attacking it at its roots, the unprecedented ecological destruction of the planet and the degradation of the human being, as we understand that today’s and tomorrow’s world is being played here, in the convergence of dominion’s scientific apparatuses.
However crucial and fundamental these lines are to the system, it doesn’t mean that they are unreachable or, least of all, unassailable. Certainly repression won’t be passive towards those who want to oppose all this. In this respect, it’d be the case to reconsider some approaches we have towards repression: rather than say that ‘repression won’t stop the struggle’ we should perhaps tackle the problem of ‘how to continue the struggle in the face of repression’. The first approach sounds a bit like running after the emergency, responding to repression when the latter has already come. The other approach means to consider repression as an obvious consequence of radical critique and struggle. It’s a different approach, which avoids doing it all over again between one phase of repression and the next one; instead, it gives continuity and makes the struggle a stronger and more solid reality, provided that we have already thought of how to keep it alive and how to carry on what repression has interrupted.
Since our release in Switzerland there have been many meetings all over Italy with talks, discussions and projections on convergent sciences and radical environmentalism. Surely interest is building up around these topics, but general perspectives of struggle have hardly emerged.
With this book we’d like to give suggestions that can go beyond our repression vicissitudes, develop meanings and intertwine words with practices. Words and practices which are dense with contexts and firm in the direction of the conflict in these times of carelessness and frenzy; which place themselves obstinately against any forms of recuperation; which manage to express the tension of a struggle to the bitter end against a system increasingly over-powering and deadly towards all living beings and the entire planet.
-Repression in Italy and the struggle that doesn’t surrender
-From Switzerland solidarity widens up
-Words from the Swiss jails
-Declarations to the Federal Crime Tribunal in Bellinzona
-Marco Camenisch: when eco environmentalism is a life in the struggle
Billy, Silvia and Costa
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