Mexico: Explosive attack against CORTV Oaxaca by Informal Anarchic Individualities


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Received and translated on 25.04.16:
In the early hours of April 23 we placed a homemade explosive device on the premises of CORTV Oaxaca, a media / manipulation chanel working in the service of the state.
Given the wave of repression against anti-authoritarians that is especially focused on the anarchist movement, we undertook this action as a call to spread the attack against those who we consider our enemies.
We recognize the different faces of those who condemn us to a life of misery and oppression, and their collaborators.
This time it was the media of mass communication, who are noted as instruments of power for social alienation and as an indispensable part of the repressive framework of different sustained operations in recent times against the anarchist movement fulfilling the role of criminalizing our compañeros and their struggle.
Our objective is to break the social peace, exacerbate the conflict and sharpen and expand the revolt.
We stand in solidarity with our imprisoned compas and the fallen of this war sending them fraternal greetings, wishing them to feel the fire and the action.
For Fernando Barcenas, Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar and all anarchist and anti-authoritarian prisoners.
Informal Anarchic Individualities

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