Mexico: Another Car Dealership Torched, Green Girl Cell and Blue Girl Laugh


vehicle-arsonWe do not fear your cars in flames because we have a new world in our bikes.
The indiscriminate arson of vehicles is not a popular method in public opinion, but we do not deny that it is a very efficient way of getting attention. The destroyers attack consumer society at the root: cars, the vehicle of narcissism, erotic fantasy, the sublimation of sexual potency.
 – Gavroche, La revolt of Banlieusards.
The youth that has burned vehicles have understood all society. They do not burn them because they cannot have them: they burn them so they do not need to want them.
– Frédéric Beigbeder.
Today, April 26, 2016, at approximately 3-3:30 AM, while the stinking slave masses gather energies in their bedrooms to rise early and work, while many people dream of saving money to buy luxuries and climb the social pyramid, we scurry our plague towards one of the most widely diffused and accepted symbols of techno-industrial, modern, capitalistic society: the car.
toyota-arsonWe claim responsibility for the explosive incendiary attack at dawn against a car dealership in Coacalco, México Building, located on Lopez Portillo Ave. The fire spread to five or seven new trucks, causing major damage to that company. These attacks, of course, appear to us to be more ludic [showing spontaneous and undirected playfulness] than “revolutionary” since the “social revolution” is something we do not care for, and the programs, parties, organizations, catechisms, and other leftist trash provoke nothing more than boredom and nausea for us.
We want nothing, we claim nothing, we protest nothing, we demand nothing; we prefer the attack, the rapture by force, pillage, sabotage, mocking, fun, game.
We wish to contribute to the banality of violence, given that it seems essential to attack the enemy; it is not a question of “militarization,” professionalization, specialization, meticulous measurements or doses, or broken down by dates, as in the case of the red guerrillas and/or organizations of the leftist “struggle;” it is about informal actions, casual actions, ludic actions, vandalism, within reach of any sick and rabid spirit, anxious to destroy that which surrounds it. We do not dream about changing what exists, we are conforming to watch it burn, to hear it explode.
At war with that which exists!
At war with ourselves!
P.S. Haha!
Green Child Cell, Blue Child.



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