Final update from Koridallos prisons 29/04/2016 – Athens


This afternoon, prisoners Fabio Dusco and Tony Nebu set fire to
isolation wing where they were held as a form of protest for their
incarceration there BUT also the mocking they received for last ten days
about their alleged transfer from there. The orchestrators of this
mocking was the prosecutor V.Marsioni who although admitted to Dusco
that he is illegally held in isolation she stated quote: “you are fine
here… what are you protesting about??” and sergeant V.Lambrakis who
constantly pledged that he will end this reasonless isolation and in the
end just let the days pass..

As soon as the fire was set in the wing, the political prisoners from
the basement wing went out to the wings yard and set mattresses on fire
in support. From the smoke there was a problem on the second floor where
the women prisoners are held who also went out to the yard.
In the mens prisons of Koridallos, the 1st and 4th wing participated in
the mobilization and remained outside their cells as long as it lasted.
Cops then arrived to the prisons and the transfer of the two prisoners
to Trikala and Grevena prisons respectively.

There was a commitment that there will be no violence inflicted on the
two prisoners by the cops and at 10.30 they were transferred. At the
same time the prisoners from the 1st wing, 4th wing and the basement
wing went back to their cells.

This development with this conclusion should be food for thought about
the dynamic of the mobilizations that should develop in the prisons far
from empty jubilancy and defeatist syllogisms.

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