Benevento, Italy – Janara Squat under threat of eviction


Janara non si tocca_543x768Last Wednesday an eviction order was notified to Janara Squat, an anarchist squat on via Niccolò Franco in Benevento.
Naturally our call is for everyone to be alert to the development of events and to contribute concretely to resisting the eviction of a house that now boasts more than 1 year and 6 months’ life.
Here is the leaflet circulated in Benevento:
Janara Squat is a propriety owned by the Benevento municipality that has been snatched from dereliction, degrade and neglect since October 2014.
It offers shelter to who doesn’t want to be robbed by landlords greedy for money.
It is a self-managed space in the centre of the city, that dozens of people from Benevento and other areas have passed through, people seeking for horizontal, not commodified relations.
It’s a laboratory for self-production, where one can undertake production activities free from the blackmail of waged labour; it comprises an ever active micro-brewery and a synergistic kitchen garden (as well as a wood oven and a practice room currently being set up).
It is a dignified response to attempts made by the council to sell municipal properties in order to cover budget holes derived from cronyism and party politics; properties that can instead be taken out of the mould and turned into social spaces for EVERYBODY, not only the few privileged ones or ‘friends of friends’.
Janara Squat is a piece of this city and is now under threat of eviction (due on 5th May).
We don’t know whether it’s a question of some automatic bureaucratic process or a clear attempt by the bosses and politicians to erase a wonderful experience that strikes the nepotistic and blackmailing dynamics so dear to them.
But we know that Janara Squat is part of our lives, that it was born with the Struggle and it is with the Struggle and Solidarity that it will be defended, right to the last brick!
See you on the barricades!
Hands off Janara Squat!
Translated by act for freedom now!

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