Florence, Italy – Arrests, clashes and molotov bottles against carabinieri barracks


At 20th April around 5am four molotov bottles were hurled at the carabinieri barracks in Rovezzano, Florence, and a thorough manhunt was launched in the surrounding area. Two devices exploded and caused some damage to an external wall and air conditioner. It was an anarchist raid linked to an episode that had occurred a few hours earlier. At around midnight about sixty youths had been engaged in violent clashes with police and carabinieri in via Generale dalla Chiesa. All started as the military were checking on a boy walking on the other side of the street: all of a sudden a group of anarchists who were attending an open-air rave party in via Aretina, surrounded the carabinieri car and pushed for a fight. Three people were arrested, a 28 year-old girl, a 28 year-old boy and a 25 year-old boy. The charges against them are resistance to public officers, causing bodily harm to public officers and damage. The raid against the barracks happened a few hours later, at dawn.
During episode in via Aretina police and carabinieri back-up had intervened: kicking, punching, and hurling of glass bottles and other objects ensued. A dozen policemen ended up in hospital and were later discharged with prognosis of up to ten days. The fire brigade and the municipal police also intervened. Furthermore the forces of order have been deployed at the entrance of the tribunal in Florence since the morning: a dozen antagonists have been in the park adjacent to the court. However the situation appears calm at the moment. Searches have been carried out over the last few hours.
Translated by act for freedom now!
Source: firenze.repubblica.it

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