Poster for the Day of Chaos, 22nd May –


Poster reads:
22nd May: Day of Chaos
For the spreading of Chaos and Anarchy
MauricioMorales ‘Punky Maury’ presente
afiche-maury7 years after the death in action of anarchist Mauricio Morales ‘Punky Maury’ in the morning of 22nd May in the neighbourhood of Matta, as he was preparing to strike bastard gendarmes; from an antiauthoritarian place we call for wilful rebels and insurgents to spread liberating action in the name of Maury, so that it reverberates in propaganda, on the barricades, in a constant attack on order. Let this May not go unobserved either to power or to ourselves.
Open your eyes: it’s time to struggle!!!
Mauricio Morales presente in the Social War!!!
*The picture shows the Church of National Gratitude in flames on the 6th anniversary of Maury’s death
via:Croce Nera Anarchica
source: PublicacionRefractario
Translated by act for freedom now!

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