DAYS OF ANARCHIST IDEAS AND PUBLICATIONS 27 – 29 of May 2016 – Berlin – Germany


ausloeser_header14We are living in times of social isolation: if we still have space in our lifes for something else other than work and consuming, routine and entertainment, apathy and distraction, we are trying to flee our isolation through escaping into virtual communities and digital parallel universes. However, we are offered several seemingly different opinions, media and protest groups, for upon which we can decide as allegedly free individuals. But to find a way, not only to „like“ someone and to let ourselves be represented by others, seems not to be something graspable for the most people. When we instead think, write and speak on our own and relate with other people, we are able to self-define the „Why“ and „How“ of all this. This means as a consequece  to act also according to that.
Different anarchist initiatives developing in the german speaking areas, are creating their own ways and possibilities and are communicating their ideas through various methods, being in offensive conflict with those in Power. Despite all existing difficulties, communication is the basis for every controversy and discussion, every critique and vitality. To take the spreading of ideas into one’s own hands and to organize this, without loosing the own autonomy, has always been a basis of anarchist projects and fights. We are convinced, that only in this way are we able to find out, in what kind of reality we find ourselves and where possible focuses are located.
We invite everyone, who is interested to discuss and argue about ideas and perspectives of a life without domination, about means and methods in our struggles, about consequences, problems and obstacles. Everyone, who shares the rejection of delegation and centralisation, bureaucracy and technological dependence, of every personality cult and every cooperation with formal organizations and parties. Everyone, whose horizon embraces a world of self organized solidarity and self determination.
Instead of providing a service and consumable events we want to exchange and spread printed publications and make them accessible. We want to get to know each other, talk about experiences and discuss without the fear of conflicts. Bring your publications and your proposals for the program! Represent your publication(s) and the thoughts behind, let’s bring life into the world of letters and put ideas into practice!

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