Brussels, May 10 – Well, the Chambre du Conseil that was to approve holding an anti-terrorism trial against twelve anarchists took place.


The above was cut short, the judge having raised the issue of the language in which the prospective trial should take place. Indeed, all of those potentially charged declared nothing during their hearings, but most of them had nothing to say … in Dutch! While the procedure was continued in French…
Not knowing how to solve this “problem” at the time, the Chambre du Conseil was postponed.
No new date has been set as yet.
So those indicted went straight into a new phase of “judicial temporality.”
Yet it is up to us to keep an eye on this story – without alarmism or catastrophism – not to let justice work away stealthily without any solidarity being shown towards these comrades.
Moreover, if the allegations date back a few years, the world hasn’t changed that much and it is always time to rebel!Whether it’s following the revolts in the prisons taking place atnthis moment, outrage at the law known as the “45 hours”, movements of contestation in closed centres, the ever worsening living conditions or the daily humiliation imposed by good morals …
Reasons and opportunities abound.
Solidarity in struggle.
Translated by Act for freedom now!
Notes more info : Brussels – About the forthcoming antiterrorist trial against anarchists and anti-authoritarians in Belgium – PDF   
1 May – Support cafe against the repression in Brussels

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