May 29th 2015: The day was fiery, everything darkened…
We woke up to a cloudy sky and in mid-day while the sun was shining
everything darkened…
It was around 4 when the EKAM (special forces) and anti-terrorist force
called for us to surrender!
I thought it was lie, I thought I was hearing things…
But on the contrary, the EKAM had surrounded the house, the helicopter
flew over us and we tried to see what we can do in two-three minutes.
My thoughts wandered to the hellholes I would go back to.
The hallways I would wander pointlessly.
My people who I would leave behind!
Suddenly Spiros, our little Spiros, the kid that knew not of diplomacy,
who was distinguished by courage, integrity and passion for the freedom
he fought for so much to acquire, grabs the Kalashnikov when hearing the
EKAM and puts it under his throat ending his life!!!
Everything was erased! The room filed with smoke. He fell over and was
He was happy with his decision and you could see it his little face.
It was his choice, which is why his face glowed!
I was startled, my heart was pounding so hard, I thought what I was
seeing was a lie.
But no, our beloved Spirakos (little spiros) was dead.
He had the courage and boldness, he had the soul to do what he did while
I did not!
His decision was courageous while mine was not!
He was tired of wandering in the hallways of prison and spending the
years with no meaning!
Spirakos I am sorry if sometimes we disagreed and sorry I did not make
it to stop you!
I am sorry little brother if sometimes I upset you!
You are and will always be in my life.
I will reminisce the moments we laughed, when you made feel like a
You are our Spirakos, the kid who gave it all with no reward.
I love you and you will always have a place in my heart and when we meet
again you will play your special pranks played!!
Honour to Spiro Dravila who will always live in my heart!…
Spiros Christodoulou
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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