Athens ,Koridallos prison -Text by anti-authoritarian Grigoris Tsironis concerning the judicial methods.


Text by anti-authoritarian Grigoris Tsironis concerning the judicial
It’s been 10 years since I decided to go underground, refusing to
surrender my body to the claws of the predators who constitute the
police-judicial complex, with stubbornness and abnegation I fought to
preserve the highest asset for which rivers of blood have spilt over the
centuries, that of human freedom ie the ability to self-define ourselves
in a world of slavery and injustice.
Ten years from the day the persecutory authorities in perfect
cooperation with the vultures of journalism, fabricated a badly staged
theatre play titled “the robbers in black” targeting and unleashing a
merciless hunt for me and my two comrades, Simos Seisidis and Marios
A state frame-up which did not even manage to convince the judges since
me and Simos Seisidis were unanimously acquitted of all charges
attributed to us, as well as Giannis Dimitrakis who was acquitted for
the other 6 robberies they attributed to him, thus dispelling this myth.
Naturally I did not see this played on any main news report, nor was it
a main story the fact that if all these allegedly objective slugs of
journalism trust the decisions of civil justice, they should come out
and admit that for many years they lied repeatedly and presented us as
those responsible for any robbery or urban guerrilla act from back then
to today.
Yesterday’s unanimous court decision, my acquittal of all charges, is a
personal vindication for my conscious and dignified decision to go
underground. It vindicated my decision to not accept my arrest and my
unjust detainment for acts in which I was not involved and of course I
did not expect civil justice to recognize this. Either way, I do not
recognize the judicial terms of the dipole innocent-guilty.
The victory for the collapse of the frame-up and the emergence of state
and media methods is deservingly credited to the
anarchist/anti-authoritarian solidarity movement which stood as a mound
to their appetites. The big counter-information campaign by various
collectives, solidarity acts (gatherings, motorbike demos and
flyposting) and of course the loud presence of solidarians inside and
outside the court room sent the message that no comrade is alone. It is
they who filled me with strength and gave me the courage to rise, I’d
like to believe, to the occasion with my attitude.
It is a judicial victory that gave joy and is now a legacy, putting thus
one more stone to the collapse of similar frame-ups. Because essentially
when the joys and victory celebrations subside, what we see are these
state methods of targeting, the penalization of comradely-family
relations, the stapling of cases together under the umbrella of law 187A
(anti-terrorist law), the expansion of indictments and creating guilty
people, continue to exist in the most evident and obvious way, towards
me and my summoning by the appellate investigator for integration in a
terrorist organization, as well as against other comrades and not.
I will indicatively mention the cases of the mother and partner of the
Tsakalos brothers, M. Theofilou’s case, the case of the
“super-appellate” trial, “Phoenix” case etc.
So in no way must we rest after this admittedly important victory, but
be vigilant.
I call, therefore, the solidarity movement to rally up forces with its
strong and mass presence in the judicial battles of all the comrades
whose cases are now underway.
Solidarity and support by the movement cannot be given partially or
Comrades who refuse the charges attributed to them and fight for their
collapse, deserve our solidarity. Comrades who claim responsibility for
their acts and with dignity and political arguments fight their battle
inside the court rooms, deserve our solidarity.
Finally, comrades who discredit civil justice and spit in the faces of
judicial employees, do not bargain for their freedom and they themselves
create the preconditions in order to regain it, deserve the same
Let us perceive, even if it sounds romantic, that we are different
pieces of the same puzzle, that when connected, our vision for the
revolution will appear.
Let’s look ahead and gaze this vision and let’s leave the mistakes and
hostilities in the past.
Solidarity is our weapon
Not a step back…
Grigoris Tsironis
Koridallos Prisons

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