Russia – Update on Ilya Romanov, May 2016


The comrades of Moscow Anarchist Black Cross have let us know that Ilya Romanov is doing well and is in high spirits in spite of the pressures put on him by the prison administration.
He was recently put in solitary confinement for 14 days and had other administrative restrictions inflicted on him only for having being declared ‘terrorist’ during the trial for the failed attack on the Russian army recruitment centre. In the prison governor’s opinion, this accusation gives him total liberty to put pressure on Ilya indiscriminately. The comrades also tell us that he did not suffer any physical violence.
A defence lawyer was taken in a town near the prison so as to assist Ilya more closely and avoid high costs for the comrades.
As soon as Ilya’s words are received and translated, we’ll be spreading them in Italian.
As concerns the solidarity fund we’ll spread news soon to all the comrades.
Anarchists in Trento and Rovereto

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