Text by prisoner Spiros Christodoulou concerning June 11th, the International day of solidarity.- Greece


Solidarity towards all prisoners, political and penal, without any
division, who with their stance and their ideals dream of a fair way of
dealing with the general good. Besides, the course of each person, their
acts as well their stance over the years carves their personality too.
We must give a huge hug to people-fellow prisoners of ours who really
need it without waiting for anything in return. In my opinion we must
rely on the feeling of unity between those of us who are connected by
common interests and common targets.
All we prisoners are connected with one another with a different judgement of real incidents.
And even in the most tough times where we are persecuted by our enemies for our
ideas and courage, we must stand tall and give our thoughts and help to
all those who need it.
It is important to project the problems all prisoners deal with. People
who have given their soul for the common cause. To give the slogan of an
action which will bring tangible results. Because even the strength of a
weak person doubles when it’s united with the strength of their
The struggle for our rights as prisoners is a polite and fair struggle.
If we all unite, if we really want to succeed in our common struggle,
first of all our freedom as well as our qualitative life in their
hell-holes, this depends exclusively on us.
But in order for others to support us we also must demonstrate the
appropriate sensitivity for the problems of others and factually express
our solidarity towards them. I do not want to refer to situations or
examples because I believe they have absolutely no meaning at this
I believe that the humble and the solidarians together with common aims
and common visions always win. I have heard from time to time that “he
is an anarchist and he is a penal prisoner”. I will disagree and say
that our acts make the difference and not what we say.
Acts that benefit common massiveness as well as a tomorrow with smiles
and not with bitterness and unacceptable comments which lead nowhere
except to empty promises… !
Solidarity is a human value which we must maintain and through this we
give a big part of ourselves to the others. With a free spirit and free
heart, there is not a more beautiful thing than showing your support.
A winner is whoever lives and chooses the life that expresses them.
Solidarity is the most genuine form of humanism since it is the proof of
material, mental and spiritual unity, cooperation and support between
people beyond racial, religious or other differences.
Every act of solidarity must be spontaneous, must come from within us
and bear the stamp of strength for the good of all of us.
But when someone asks for our help who really deserves it and we abandon
them, that is anything but solidarity.
The solidarians must not seek to benefit in any way, they must always
act with absolute confidentiality and respect towards whoever they show
solidarity to, without ceasing to be decisive and effective in their
Friendship replenishes weakness while fraternity eliminates it.
A knife to the bone.
Over time many things have been written about prisons and something is
always spoiled in magical way.
We must all unite our forces so those who are across us can understand
that they do not gain anything, they only lose. We must show our
existence with acts and not with words which fall into the void.
I would like there to be a mass unity of those who generally deal with
the prisons and it is important that there is a collective work whose
ultimate goal should be the more dignified living conditions here inside
their hellholes.
All those who participate in this attempt must be fair and should at any
given moment react to the injustice and vengefulness of our enemies.
I would like to conclude by saying that if all of us are factually
united we can win.
Freedom to all anarchists and political prisoners and may they always be
Freedom and strength to all those penal prisoners who with their
attitude for years now showed and show that they fight against the
enemy, they fight authority in their own way.
Freedom to all!!
Until the destruction of every prison!!
Spiros Christodoulou

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