Milan, Italy- 10th June: parcel bomb against a GM-organism company


downloadMilano, 10th June – From the media of the regime we learn of an incendiary attack on those responsible for the legal site of Algamundi SRL, a start-up company that had won an Expo competition and is involved in biotechnology activities. The press and investigators linked the attack to anarchist and eco milieus.
From Il Giorno: ‘We heard a big bang and then we saw smoke from the window’. Two floors separate lawyers’ offices on the third floor from that of fiscal expert Paolo Gambini on the first floor, but the explosion was heard clearly everywhere. ‘A noise like a big firecracker’. In the parcel delivered yesterday morning there was gunpowder and an electric timer inside a wallet. Luckily the professional who opened the parcel got away with some bruises on his hand and a precautionary visit to the hospital; investigators explained that the small device could have caused serious harm. The actual addressee was not Gambini, but Algamundi SRL, a start-up company which works in the biomasses field and has its legal site on 4 via Lazzaroni, close to Pirellone. The company also won an Expo competition concerning a project opened to farming and animal husbandry companies.

Digos investigations are focussing on an anarchist-insurrectional track, in particular its ‘environmental area’, which is set against businesses producing and trading with GM, i.e. genetically modified, organisms. On Wednesday an almost identical parcel had been intercepted at the mail department of EFSA, the Food European Authority, in Parma. Bomb disposal experts called in after metal detector checks proceeded to detonate the parcel. The most credible hypothesis is that of a simultaneous attack, even if no claim was made: no message inside the parcel bombs or claim on the web. But an online article on Algamundi can be found in the 2015 issue of the Spanish periodical ‘Fenrir – Publicacion anarquista ecologista’. The article explains the activities of the company in details (with also its address and email) and reports on the declared intentions of a scientific responsible at the company.
The webpage also shows two paragraphs dedicated to Monsanto, the American multinational on the frontline of farm biotechnology with annual revenues of 14.5 billion dollars, which has always been under eco activists’ attacks. Another topic being reported is that concerning glyphosate, the active component of the Roundup herbicide, which is being examined by the EU and other bodies including EFSA under suspicions it can be carcinogenic. Algamundi senior staff explained: ‘Our company has always worked with the objective of creating biotechnologies and natural products for the improvement of the environment, which has nothing to do with polluting or toxic products, in the full respect for people and the environment. Our lab and Alimenta incubator at the Technology Park in Padania have always following the highest environmental standards.’

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