Mike Rann, the Premier of South Australia has recently announced that Adelaide will be host to the Asia Pacific Defence & Security Exhibition on 11-13


The Governments of France, Germany, Israel, Italy, South Africa, UK and USA have already booked major exhibition space for their military corporations to come to Australia and take up Mike Rann’s offer to “survey the terrific business and investment opportunities” that APDSE will provide. No doubt many other nations will join the throng in the coming year.

These seven countries are together the source of at least 80% of all military equipment, from bombers and warships, through to cluster bombs and depleted uranium munitions, down to the more mundane run-of-the-mill guns, boots, bullets and surveillance equipment used to in the dozens of wars around the world today.

They are responsible for 80% of all the pain & suffering caused by militarism. For the deaths, for the amputees, for the rapes at gunpoint, for the detainees and refugees, for the orphans and the parents denied the right of dying before their children. These people are the real terrorists.

In a cruel twist the organiser of this death fair, Alex Nicholl, who also organises similar atrocities in the UK, has set the date for APDSE as 11th November, the day we normally stop and reflect on the horrors of war. To these people the remembrance of war holds no horror, only profit.

The best we can hope for is that Remembrance Day reminds them of the last time the masters of war came to Australia to peddle their wares.

This is the first major weapons trade fair since the Australian people put an end to the AIDEX 89 & 91 exhibitions in Canberra. In coming months the campaign to stop Australia being turned into a shopping mall for the world’s killers will begin in earnest. We urge you to join us in stopping this happening for another 17 years.

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