>Province not sure if damage will delay opening of Moncton courthouse


>Vandals did more than $10,000 worth of damage to the new Moncton courthouse and construction
equipment at that site last weekend.

New courthouse receives damage — Moncton, Canada

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Codiac Regional RCMP are investigating major vandalism done inside the new Moncton justice centre which is presently under construction. Over $10,000 in damage was done over several floors of the courthouse.

The building has been under construction for some time and is scheduled to be finished in the next few months. Police were called on Tuesday after a construction crew arrived at the scene and discovered the premises had been broken into and vandalized.
Police believe the damage was done sometime between early Saturday morning and Monday afternoon. A window was broken and graffiti was painted on the inside and outside walls of the building.
Also, cabinets and containers of paint were dragged out of the building and thrown off the roof. Many landed on heavy equipment machinery causing extensive damage.
Several floors of the courthouse were damaged in the vandalism spree.
“They just really made a big mess,” says Codiac RCMP Const. Chantal Farrah. “They went in there to destroy.”
RCMP Forensic Identification experts were called to the scene and seized several items which will be examined.
Department of Justice spokeswoman Erica Parker says it’s not known yet if the damage will cause any delays in the project.
“$10,000 is quite a bit of damage, but a lot of the damage is aesthetic, not structural,” she says.

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