Koridallos prison Greece -Text by anarchist comrade Grigoris Sarafoudis for the upcoming appellate trial 22/6/2016.


Appellate trial for the robbery of the ATE bank in Pirgetos Larissa.
Text by Grigoris Sarafoudis for the upcoming appellate trial (22/6)
It’s already 3 years and 2 months I’ve been locked up in prison. Here,
in this crack in time, you deal with everything that’s really hostile to
you. Absolute control, enforcement, authoritarian behaviours, hierarchy
and conventions is the daily routine. A repeated excruciating routine
aiming at bringing everyone against themselves first of all, and then
against the tough reality. So, 3 years and 2 months, disappointed and
disgusted by the reality inside and outside the walls, I remain equally
anarchist, hostile towards exploitation, apathy, subjugation and
On June 22nd at the appellate court on Loukareos street, is tried the
second instance trial for the robbery in Pirgetos for which me and
comrade G.Naxakis have been convicted in the frames of the organization
C.C.F. One more imaginative creation of the antiterrorist force that was
finished off by the judicial authority which did not hesitate to convict
us as members of the C.C.F. despite the fact that in the whole
indictment as well as during the first instance trial, nothing in
relation to our participation in this specific organization was
mentioned. The result was our conviction to 16 years imprisonment each.
I will be present in the procedure, ready to refute the charges and
methods of the antiterrorist force and the judges, defending my choice
to be an anarchist.
As for solidarity I will only say that it is one of the fundamental
values in the struggle for freedom, which it is multifaceted and it
definitely does not mean identification.
I conclude with a comradely salute to those who choose disobedience and
action towards anything and anyone tries to dominate our lives.
Grigoris Sarafoudis, Koridallos prisons.


Call out for the appellate trial for Naxakis and Sarafoudis
Tomorrow Wednesday June 22nd begins, at the Appellate court on Loukareos, the appellate trial of anarchist comrades Grigoris (Akis) Sarafoudis and Giannis Naxakis who are accused in the case of the expropritation in Pirgetos Larissa and for participation in the r.o. C.C.F.
The two comrades have chosen to hold different stances towards the methods of the police-judicial complex. G.Naxakis completely discredits the procedure by not accepting to be present or be represented in court stating with a public letter of his that there are no judicial scandals since human civilization itself is a scandal. Contrarily, G.Sarafoudis chooses to fight his battle in the judicial field as well, fighting for the collapse of yet another fabrication of the antiterrorist force.
This specific case is not a field in which the antiterrorist force has invested communicationally, however it has transformed into laboratory of judicial experiments since although it is characterized by a complete lack of evidence, at the same moment especially heavy convictions have been imposed in the first instance trial.
The presence of all of us is necessary in order for there to be mounds to the police-judicial arbitrariness which deprives our comrades of freedom.


Text by anarcchist comrade Giannis Naxakis

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