Spain,Madrid –Revenge against the comrade imprisoned in Madrid accused of bank robbery


The comrade imprisoned in Soto del Real since 13th April has been subjected to abuse from the prison governor  for a number of days. On the pretext of ‘reasons of security’ not only was she refused the possibility of seeing her partner alone in private on the day of their wedding but all telephone calls with him or anyone else have also been prohibited. Moreover the vice-governor has inflicted several disciplinary sanctions on her because – according to him – she allegedly instigated the other prisoners to revolt, and also as a punishment for talking with other prisoners during the night.
These punishments should be seen as revenge for the comrade’s combative attitude and the solidarity she has expressed. In spite of the distance and isolation she has continued to participate in the struggles outside with determination, as she sent out a message in support of the Banc Expropriat in Gracia and a piece of writing where she reaffirmed her political ideas and practices of struggle against the State and the capitalist system.
For those who are outside, all these attempts at silencing her and isolating her can only translate into a multiplication of demonstrations of solidarity and efforts to spread her words for which they want to further punish her.  We must also remember that the deadline set for her detention in Soto del Real is due to expire shortly, and her extradition to Germany is expected on 30th June.
We won’t let them silence the voice of the combatant prisoner!
Let’s smash the wall with which they want to isolate our comrade!
Spread the word – Take to the streets – Respond to the calls – Act!
Source ContraMadriz via croceneranarchica
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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