Solidarity actions in The Hague with comrade imprisoned in Spain on charges of expropriation – Netherlands


2_151_16Last night (30th june) we carried out actions in solidarity with our comrade who is imprisoned in total isolation in Spain on charges of participation in an expropriation in a bank in Aachen, Germany, two years ago. She is now awaiting extradition to Germany which will probably happen this week.
In solidarity we spray painted the texts ‘freedom for our Spanish comrade’ on a department of the Spanish embassy in The Hague, the Netherlands and glued the locks. In the morning during rush hour a banner was hung above the highway with the text: ‘Burn all prisons! Freedom for our Spanish comrade!’
We are not interested in knowing whether the comrade is actually responsible for the bank robberies or not. Expropriation is an ethically just and politically legitimate practice, a method of struggle that is part of the history of all revolutionary movements.
Indeed, despite the constant attempts by Power to reduce this method to within the scope of a ‘common crime’, motivated by individual greed, the fact is that the expropriation of places of accumulation of capital is a constant in our history: from the anarchist-syndicalist groups in the early twentieth century who robbed banks to support strikes or help the families of imprisoned comrades, to the various autonomous groups of the the 70s and 80s.
We call out to anybody to make action in solidarity with the comrade imprisoned in Madrid! Immediate freedom for the comrade!
Burn all prisons!
In solidarity,
some anarchists

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