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Anonymously submitted to Conflict MN
On June 26th, anarchists and anti-fascists wearing balaclavas, communists carrying banners, liberals wearing Bernie Sanders shirts, and even a few autonomously self-organized and unaffiliated folks came together to successfully shut down the Traditionalist Worker Party and Golden State Skinheads attempted rally on the capitol steps of the California statehouse in Sacramento. In the melee, 7 brave comrades sustained injuries from stabbings on the part of the scumbag Nazis and racist skinheads. However, despite a few of our own sustaining these injuries the day was still a victory for those who desire to see such disgusting, hateful organizations like TWP and GSS shut down and completely crushed. The fascists failed to recruit anyone, their rally was never able to even start, and if the video footage that has been seen is any indication they were completely routed from the capitol very swiftly. In solidarity, anti-fascists in Minneapolis have hung a banner for our comrades in Sacramento who took the fight directly to the enemy. It reads

Solidarity with Sacramento Antifa, Bash the Fash!

1We have experienced white supremacist terror here in our own backyard with the shooting at the 4th Precinct occupation by the very same sort of alt-right white supremacists that the Traditionalist Youth Network attempts to recruit. We know well enough that in order to stop the spread of these hateful organizations is to silence them with utmost force by directly and physically confronting them. It is thanks to forebears here in Minneapolis who founded Anti-Racist Action that organized white supremacists tend to avoid the Twin Cities metro area, and we intend to keep it that way by any means necessary. Fascists and racists are still not welcome here, and as we’ve seen they’re certainly not welcome in Sacramento either!


Solidarity with all who resist!
Death to fascism!

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