Update and contact info and demonstration and noise demo in solidarity with anarchist arrested on the 6 July – Netherlands



Our friend is now transferred to PI Utrecht (Nieuwersluis), she is there awaiting the extradition procedures.
The next hearing which will decide whether or not she can wait for the extradition out of prison, will be held on Friday 15 July.
She feels very touched and strengthen by all the solidarity and support. (she could hear the noise demo)
If you want to write to her, we have set up an email address, where you can send your letters or the scans of letters, we will print them and make sure they’re posted.
solidariteit6juli [at] riseup [dot] net
keep strong and keep struggling!





On 7.7 an angry and determined demonstration took place from the center of Amsterdam to the police headquarters where our comrade is being held, since her arrest on 6.7.2016. We stayed in front of the cell blocks for 15-20 minutes, making noise, shouting slogans and throwing heavy fireworks. This is just the beginning, our friend will never feel alone. We therefore call on everyone to express solidarity in every possible way with the imprisoned comrade.
She has already spent 5 months in detention, but was released in January 2016, with charges dropped and no conditions to her release. The very disappointed prosecution (from Aachen DE) made recourse to the higher court, which granted a trial (date not yet set) and a new arrest warrant. In April 2016 a comrade was arrested in Barcelona by order of the same prosecution office, with similar charges: an expropriation which took place in 2014. She has since been extradited to Germany.
We are not interested whether or not the comrade is actually responsible for the bank robberies or not. Expropriation is an ethically correct and politically legitimate means, a method of struggle, which is part of the history of revolutionary movements.
There are no legal parametres or strategic limits for us to base our expression of solidarity towards comrades facing repression. These are not principles that belong to us. Instead we take the path of solidarity, as an integral part of our struggle, which responds to the need of standing beside our friends and affinities when the State has deprived them of their freedom, because we recognize ourselves in their ideas and the way they face repression.

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