France – Updates concerning the comrades locked up in Nice detention centre


We received and are spreading:
There were many people on Friday for the greetings outside the Nice CRA. So much energy and strength to convey to the comrades locked up in the detention centre. Chants, songs, noise animated the hours of this gathering, and thanks to physical vicinity the comrades were able to reply with shouts and chants, smiles and greetings from behind the bars.
They are well, and are in high spirits when they feel the closeness and complicity of so many.
As for the legal situation, it seems they will be held for another four days, i.e. until Tuesday 28. Still yesterday the three defence lawyers following the case couldn’t tell us whether they will be released at the border or in Nice on Tuesday, or whether there will be a trial. What is certain is that they’ll be banned from the French territory for a year.
It’s possible to visit them between 9am and 11am and from 2pm to 6pm…
Let’s keep on making our solidarity heard!
After the gathering a meeting was held, and it was decided to keep going there in solidarity until they are released… every afternoon from 6:30pm we’ll be there to express our solidarity…
Freedom for all!
Fire to the prisons!
Accomplices in solidarity from the maritime valleys

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