Uruguay – An attack by the Harley Quinn Incendiary Cell


f-544x408Today Thursday 23, five days from 27th June, the remembrance day of one of the darkest periods of this region, we are making it clear that nothing is over:
the institutions that perpetrated terror in the period 1973-1985 are the same as today. Taking cover in democracy, they continue and apply the same methods.  No longer against a defined ideological enemy, but against anyone who is considered antagonistic to the needs of power, as we’ve seen with the incidents during the eviction of Codicen (2015), young Sergio Lemos’ murder in the Santa Catalina neighbourhood  (2013) and another boy’s murder in Marconi in May this year. It is not by chance that those responsible for the murders have also been involved in cases of feminicide and are promoters of the insecurity so much babbled about by the press of the regime. It is in this context that today we attacked the ‘Uruguay National Association of Retired Policemen’, a block away from the legislative palace, spitting our fire.
Fire and gunpowder to this murderous reality! !
Fire and gunpowder to capitalism and patriarchy! !
Fire and gunpowder to all dictatorships and democracies! !
Fire and gunpowder to the right and to the left!!
Long live ANARCHY and dignity to those who rebel against all forms of authority.
Local and international solidarity with those who struggle!
Harley Quinn Incendiary Cell
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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