Greece – Thessaloniki, Solidarity with the anarchist comrades accused of bank robbery in Aachen



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In Thessaloniki posters and flyers are spread with a call out for solidarity with the anarchist comrades accused of bank robbery in Germany. At Kamara there was a banner hung and stencils spayed arround the city with the text ‘Solidarity with the anarchist comrades in jail accused of bank robbery in Germany’.
Here the text of the flyer that was spread in Greek and English:
Solidarity with the anarchist comrades in jail accused of bank robbery in Germany

A call out for active solidarity
On July 6th 2016, an anarchist comrade got arrested in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is accused of expropriation in Aachen, Germany and is now in jail awaiting extradition to Germany. The week before a comrade from Spain had already been extradited to Germany. We call out to anybody to make actions in solidarity with the imprisoned comrades! We are fucking angry, we want them free!
In the summer of 2015 she already spent 5 months in detention and was released, with all charges dropped and no conditions to her release. The very disappointed prosecution made recourse to the higher court, which granted a trial (date not set yet). In April 2016 a comrade from Barcelona was arrested with similar charges for an expropriation that took place in 2014, by the same prosecution office. She has now been extradited to Germany.
We are not interested in knowing whether the comrades are actually responsible for the bank robberies or not. Expropriation is an ethically just and politically legitimate practice, a method of struggle that is part of the history of all revolutionary movements.
Indeed, despite the constant attempts by Power to reduce this method to within the scope of a ‘common crime’, motivated by individual greed, the fact is that the expropriation of places of accumulation of capital is a constant in our history: from the anarchist-syndicalist groups in the early twentieth century who robbed banks to support strikes or help the families of imprisoned comrades, to the various autonomous groups of the the 70s and 80s.
We call out for active and angry solidarity with our comrades in jail!
There are no legal parameters or strategic limits for anarchists to base their expression of solidarity towards comrades facing repression. These are not the measures nor principals that move us. Instead solidarity is an integral part of our struggle, responding to the need of standing beside our friends and affinities who face the blows of the State, because we identify with their ideas and their practices.
They touch one of us, they touch all of us!
Immediate freedom for our comrades! Burn all prisons! Destroy all banks!
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