France – The comrades held in the CRA in Nice have been freed


Vincenzo, Andre, Arturo and Rafael were released on Tuesday 28th June, with no expulsion orders from the French State or any additional sentences or measures following two hearings (one at the Appeal Court and the other in the administrative Court).
A hug to the compas outside and rebel greetings to the struggles to come against borders, prisons and noxiousness!
Report on Monday:
Many people were outside the CRA in Nice today too. The Val Roya Fanfare turned up and amidst music and whistling leaflets were handed out near the CRA to explain what the detention centre is and what’s going on.
Today the imprisoned comrades managed to put up a banner reading ‘beaux comme une prison qui brule’ [beautiful like a prison in flames], which police removed after a few hours.
The strength and determination of those inside is strong thanks to the support from outside.
The lawyers made an appeal against the expulsion order. They’ll be in court tomorrow, Tuesday 28th June at 9:30am, where a judge is due to decide on the matter.
But early this morning the border police that run the CRA attempted to lay a big ‘trap’, giving them the ‘possibility’ to leave today.

Of course they refused. They’d have got out, yes, but with the certainty of being expelled from France for a year. They’d have been escorted and consigned in handcuffs, right into the hands of the Italian police at the border, circumventing tomorrow’s hearing.  Their presence and that of the many comrades at the daily gatherings, the lively response of their fellow prisoners and last but not least the possibility that the ongoing struggle will continue and extend, are causes for concern to the administration, it seems… This morning’s move was no more than a quick attempt to get hold of them so as to get rid of them.

Besides the ‘judge of freedom’ that they’ll be seeing tomorrow morning, there will be a hearing at the administrative court at 2:30pm, to decide over an interdiction order of one year.
Let’s continue with solidarity, let’s continue to struggle against the border regime that raids, locks up and deports and against the devastation of Val Roya.

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