Mexico, Tijuana: Recent Anarchist Actions


20160720_022557-980x600In recent months we have taken some actions
One early morning in April, we painted graffiti slogans on the Florido
industrial park and sabotaged four bank ATMs. These actions are not part of a plan of struggle nor are they the resolutions of some congress; these
actions are born of our desires and pleasures of attacking the symbols of
20160413_015507In early June, banners were placed in parts of the city, the first banner was a small gesture of solidarity with the comrades participating in the social war in Oaxaca. The second banner held a propaganda slogan with insurrectionary ideas reading, “Our Revenge will be Anarchist Insurrection.” Graffiti messages were also left in the general area.

received_1255057214524495-1One early morning in July, two banners were hung, the first to show our
collusion and solidarity with our allied comrades who are fighting against
fascism and the police authority in the US, who in recent months have
killed many people of African descent or whoever else doesn’t embody the
U.S. nationalist individual identity. The second banner was hung with a
message of _insumisión _against police authority and said, “Bullets,
Bombs, Fists and Fire Against the Police.”
During one of the many months and many early mornings that we decided to illuminate the night, our gesture of solidarity with anarchist prisoners
such as Eric King, Fernando Barcenas, Miguel Angel Peralta, Francisco
Solar, and Monica Caballero, and also solidarity with the resistance
against the eviction of the Rigaer 94 squat in Germany, was frustrated. The
result being the arrests of some comrades who were released without charge the same day. We declare that their intimidation will fuel our actions.
Individual Anarchist Insurrectionary Coordination

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