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A few days of excitement, then silence again; no problem, hell no, certain journalists’ two-faced attention is just a nuisance.
At the beginning of June three tanks of petrol attached to timers were found in front of ATM machines outside post offices in Bologna, Genoa and Turin. The failed attacks, probably due to technical problems, were linked by the investigators to the struggle against CIEs and deportations.
Some journalists with a badly concealed passion for Jessica Fletcher, perhaps after being spoon-fed, even reached an early conclusion: acts of terrorism with a precise mandant.
It is well known that Poste Italiane have been acquiring enemies for some time, not just because of the endless queues at their counters at the start of the month, but also because of the role that air company Air Mistral, owned by Poste since 2005, plays in the deportation of undocumented immigrants. The company, founded by the late enterprising Bud Spencer in 1981,  then inherited by TNT and finally taken over by the national mail agency, won a Ministry of the Interior bid for the removal and deportation of non-regulated foreigners in 2011. An undertaking that has grown to the point of becoming a real specialization. Up to 2011 Mistral Air would deliver parcels and occasionally take Catholic pilgrims around places of worship; then, with wave upon wave of migration, it reduced its field of intervention and increased its profits. From the so-called ‘arrivals’ emergency that followed the revolts in the North-African countries to the latest one that is concentrated in Ventimiglia in this country, the air company has been extremely busy.
Following Alfano’s declarations on the need to re-establish order on the Italian-French border, proper ‘clearance’ work has been taking place in Ventimiglia for over a month, where the logistical management of Mistral Air was fundamental. Men and women were first rounded up inside the town or on the way to it, forced on to a bus to Genoa airport, then put on the company’s planes and taken to structures in southern Italy in order to be ‘sorted’; a return to the point of departure in this sordid game of snakes and ladders.
8giugnoventimigliaIt is no coincidence, therefore, that Mistral Air – also because of its contribution to cleaning up the Ligurian town – has seen the ranks of its enemies swelling, enemies who have been attempting to annoy it and harm it in various ways recently.
To draw up a proper chronology of the initiatives and actions that have targeted Poste Italiane and Mistral Air is quite complicated because it requires combing through a lot of material. In fact the initiatives are numerous, varied and spread throughout the country, but often only find resonance in local news or at best are reported in ‘counter-information’ websites or social networks in more or less articulate forms.

The explicit and widely known ones are at least twenty in the first months of 2016 alone. They range from handing out defamatory leaflets to tagging the walls of offices, from fly posting to window smashing, from pickets outside Poste Italiane premises to Poste ATMs being damaged; from north to south, from Lecce to Turin passing through Bologna, Trento, Saronno, Genoa and Milan, the list is certainly incomplete but already long.
The latest fanfares aside, the damage to Poste Italiane has been much more. Thanks to a simple impromptu search for articles published in local news over the past year and a half we have drawn up a chronology, certainly also incomplete, where there’s something for everyone even if – you’ll forgive us – once again we didn’t go much further than our belly-button. So we limited ourselves to trying to see if we had missed something that happened in Turin and province. Similar research could be done over the whole territory and it’s very likely that many misdeeds against Poste Italiane would emerge, episodes reported as vandalism or failed theft attempts, as trifles of the urban delinquency routine.
lusernasangiovanniBut as everybody knows, that’s what the newspapers do; how they attribute importance to what happens often comes from a certain aligning of the stars.
So what’s the correct interpretation of these misdeeds? We don’t know, we are just listing them here for you. Whether they were against Mistral Air or anonymous actions of vandalism and failed attempted thefts, matters little. Perhaps someone had the good idea of putting a few banknotes in their pocket or of taking revenge following a dismissal.
In either case we have no objection.
February 2015
Settimo Torinese – In two different episodes a Fiorino and a Panda car of Poste Italiane are set on fire.
March 2015
Settimo Torinese – In one night three Pandas of Poste Italiane go up in flames. The fire also damages a Fiorino and a Fiat 500 owned by a finance company and being used by Poste.
Turin – A poste Italiane ATM is damaged by fire or explosion in Barriera di Milano.
Luserna San Giovanni – A Poste ATM is destroyed and serious damage to the post office is caused by an explosion.
April 2015
Avigliana – A Telecom cable is cut and the gate to the post office is forced open.
January 2016
Caselle – Seven mopeds are set on fire in the parking area of a Poste Italiane sorting centre.
February 2016
Caluso – Two cars parked alongside one another are set on fire: one belonged to a company that works for Poste Italiane.
June 2016
Piossasco – An explosion damages the ATM and windows of a Poste Italiane office.
macerie @ July 2, 2016
Translated by act for freedom now!

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