Greece – Update concerning the arrests of anarchist comrades M.Seisidis and K.Sakkas..


The report of the arrest in the early hours of Friday August 5th 2016, of comrades M.Seisidis and K.Sakkas in the
region of Sparti (south Greece Peloponnese ) seems to be a fact.
The comrades refused to give fingerprints and be photographed, resulting in the uniformed cops
attacking them and causing them severe injuries.
We on our side, state our undivided solidarity to the arrested comrades
and we take strength from their unaltered high morale, to fight against
the new oppressive operations against them.
Solidarity gathering for comrades K.Sakkas and M.Seisidis
Today, Friday August 5th, evelpidon courts at 17.30. Athens


Notes: On the 16th of January 2006, following a robbery of the National Bank of Greece in Solonos street, in Athens, anarchist Yannis Dimitrakis was arrested; under a terror-hysteria climate formed by the media, three of his comrades were picked out and targeted by the persecuting authorities as accomplices of Yannis, but also as members of the imaginary gang of ‘’Robbers in Black’’. They were accused for this very robbery in addition to six other robberies. Not expecting to find any trace of justice within the delirium of terror-lust by the state of media, comrades Simos Seisidis, Marios Seisidis and Grigoris Tsironis, chose the difficult path of clandestinity.
What followed over the next four years did nothing more than confirm that they had made the right choice. Meanwhile, Yannis put on trial and initially convicted to the corrosive sentence of 35 years, despite the collapse of the ‘’Robbers in Black’’ scenario and his acquittal for the rest of the robberies. The media carried out an orgy of misinformation targeting the three fugitives; ‘’photographing’’ them as suspects concerning many severe criminal acts that were taking place occasionally. Arrest warrants were issued in order to put the responsibility on the three comrades for some other unsolved cases; trials that were parodies of justice were carried out unbeknown to them. And as if all this was not enough, a bounty of 600.000euro was put on their heads by the infamous minister of public order M. Chrisohoidis, who eventually succeeded in transforming the streets of Athens into the Wild West; full of heavily armed sheriffs shooting anything that moves…
notes 2 : Last Letter of Anarchist comrade Kostas Sakkas (17/2/2014)

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