Greece – Text of prisoners from the 1st wing of Koridallos prisons for Marios Seisidis and Kostas Sakkas


Upon hearing about the arrest of the two comrades Marios Seisidis and
Kostas Sakkas, you cannot but feel sadness. Sadness that two anarchist
fighters have fallen into the hands of the persecutory authorities, a
fact that now deprives them of whatever freedom they enjoyed as
fugitives. A sadness that felt by any of us who has experienced this
moment of its violent deprivation.
Marios Seisidis, targeted and also accused in the now proven state
fabricated case of “the robbers in black”, for ten years now has chosen
to live underground, refusing to surrender and put his freedom as
collateral in the hands of his persecutors.
Kostas Sakkas, after being accused as a member of the C.C.F. with
non-existent evidence, was imprisoned and later released after a hunger
strike, under bail conditions which he violated by choosing to live as
he defines and not with the limitations imposed on him.
Their vengeful treatment by the cops fills us with rage and remind us
that the answer to oppression cannot be any other than the
intensification of the struggle against those who deprive us of the
freedom we all love so much. Our thoughts are with them and we express
our undivided solidarity.

Hands off our comrades!
Strength to Marios and Kostas

Initiative of prisoners from the 1st wing of Koridallos prisons


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