Switzerland – Arrests and raids after the 24th June demo



Translated by act for freedom now!
On the evening of 24th June 2016 a wild demo took place in the streets of Basle, during which 14 people were arrested, 7 of whom are still being held in prison. The charges are: breach of the peace, threatening a public officer, damage, etc. In the days that followed raids were carried out in several areas of Switzerland. Here is a communiqué published in Indymedia Switzerland:
Basle: communiqué on the demo against racism, repression and social cleansing
Last Friday a demo was called against racism, repression and expulsions. The intention was to give a strong signal in increasingly xenophobic times, where all lives are subordinated to the interests of capitalism, increasing control and surveillance over everyday lives, and explusion of inhabitants of neighbourhoods because of urban redevelopment oriented towards profit.

The demo went along Steinengraben, a street that hosts only buildings for anonymous luxury offices. Beyond the demo the windows of some insurance companies were smashed (Vaudoise, Helvetia), companies that for years have been corresponsible for this redevelopment that has reduced a street that was once inhabited and full of life, to a sterile dead environment.
Kroo Security was also attacked, a security company that is not ashamed to ‘protect’ houses from new attempts at re-squatting following evictions. The demo continued past the premises of the UDC, whose entrance was left without windows. This party’s racist politics have been fomenting a climate of xenophobia in the whole of society. Moreover UDC pledges more control, surveillance and mass expulsion and are clearly are on the side of the rich and powerful.
If along the way there had been other premises of institutions and parties that support and put into practice this kind of politics, they would also have been attacked, because all the mainstream parties are co-responsible for the social disaster.
This repressive climate concerns us all – with more and more surveillance laws, the persecution of any form of insubordination – hence the paint on the walls of the court. For example some people will go on trial, accused of taking to the streets last autumn against the Conex 15 military operation and the militarization of the streets. The cops who rushed to the scene were attacked with determination and pushed back many times.
14 people were arrested near the university hospital and accused of taking part in the demo. And they are to pay for the demo’s determination. Whether they were in the demonstration or not, whether they attacked the cops or not, we give our solidarity to all the prisoners and wish them lots of strength and the will to resist.
Even if they are trying to keep you isolated, you are not alone!
Greetings to Rigaer94 in Berlin, which, considered a ‘dangerous area’ and for months subjected to police terrorism, was partially evicted last week leading to diversified acts of resistance in many places.
Greetings also to the wild demonstrators in France. The revolt that sprang out of the resistance against the new work law and has been blocking and sabotaging the economy for months inspires and encourages us.
Let’s meet, let’s organize together to destroy the cage and break the bars of all forms of coercion and oppression, so as to open up new trajectories towards the future.

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