“Ding Dong – It’s the State – Switzerland,July 2016.



Actforfree Received(slightly edited):dissonanz
On Sunday 10th of July, there were more house searches in Zürich and St. Gallen. This time there were 3 raids. The reason stated on the search warrant authorized by Zurich’s prosecution was “arson, etc…”, as we came to know. In a more detailed explanation of the search warrant it became evident that it was about an alleged incendiary attack on a telecommunications antenna in Waidberg, 8037 Zürich, that happened in the night between Saturday and the same Sunday.
While in Zürich the house searches were performed by plain clothes and uniformed cops, the special forces of St. Gallen used this moment to turn it into a training session: battering ram, balaclavas and machine guns, dozens of Wannabe-Hollywood-Cops …., forcing the residents of the raided house to lie on the floor, while rifling every room from top to bottom. Beside their unsatisfactory result – in all 3 cases they had to leave with unused handcuffs – they have shown again with this action what the police effectively stands for: the repressive arm of the State, equipped with all means, in order to defend it and to neutralize potential enemies. And in this category fall all those who do not accept an unfailing authority above oneself; those who do not accept being cut off from society’s wealth, those who do not accept being alienated, isolated and put under surveillance by technology, while day by day the illusion of unity, happiness and unlimited possibilities are being flaunted.
Should the justification of the search warrant prove itself a factual event, it is essential to defend this attack, which was directed against those structures contributing to the transformation of our autonomy into a radio signal irradiated slavery. Because every spreading fire needs a spark…
Article translated from the anarchist newspaper of Zürich „Dissonanz“, n°32, 20 July 2016
Additional note: in the context of the house searches the police were looking for a specific person, without success. Until today (28.7) we don’t have any further news about the arrest of this person. We wish to the comrade a lot of strength for his path outside of the clutches of the State.”

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