Toulouse, France – Punctures in solidarity with the accused of the struggle against the work act


Source: Attaque
Translated by act for freedom now!
In one night a screwdriver pierced the tyres of 4 municipal vehicles, a Vinci car, two cars owned by estate agencies, an Eiffage lorry, two Orange vehicles, a Tnt vehicle and several self-service bicycles. It also served to scratch the bodywork and pierce the tyres of a heap of bourgeois cars. Stones found along the way allowed us to smash the billboards we passed.
Trying to put an end to work for good also means blocking the workers. We particularly targeted the companies that build prisons and airports, and that contribute to control through technology and the gentrification of the city.
Our anger won’t abate, especially when comrades are hit by repression, arrested, beaten and imprisoned. It grows every time they try to intimidate us.
Solidarity through attack
Support to the accused and imprisoned of the struggle against work.

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