Czech Republic: Martin Ignačák is to remain in prison


Translated by act for freedom now!
Prague, 3rd August 2016 – From the media(Agenzia Nova) we learn that Czech anarchist Martin Ignačák is to remain in prison custody following an order of the court of Prague dated 3rd August, which has rejected his request for release. Ignacak has been held for 15 months on the pretext that there is a risk that he might abscond, following the April 2015 arrests during a campaign against the anarchist movement, which the forces of repression named Operation Fenix; along with another 4 people he’s accused of having planned an attack on a train transporting military equipment. The charge against Martin Ignačák originates from infiltrated officers’ statements. On 6th June 2016 Martin started, and eventually suspended, a hunger strike against his imprisonment.
The media linked this operation to attempts at dismantling ‘terrorist networks’ such as SRB (Network of Revolutionary Cells), an acronym with which several incendiary attacks on State and economy targets have been claimed. Still according to the media, one of the comrades is accused of participating in a Molotov attack on the home of the Minister of Defense. After the Operation Fenix arrests SRB continued incendiary attacks on police vehicles in protest at the ongoing repressive operation.

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