Greece – Text by Anarchists from the 4th wing of Koridallos prisons.


August 5th 2016.

Two more arrests.

Once more sadness and pride rapidly alternate as the hours pass.

Two more comrades in the hands of the police after gun shots.

Two more anarchists in prison awaiting the many years of persecutions,
that are now the status quo, trapped in the suffocating framework of
legal and correctional regulations.

Sadness however cannot drown the pride we feel for two comrades, who
chose to not be prey to the appetites of the special interrogator
scumbags, overcome their fears, and continue to define their moves
themselves. Of course we do not mean that the choice of clandestinity
and going underground are the only strong or dignified choices for those
who stand against authority. But it definitely removes from authority a
part of the control it (wants to think) enforces.
And it was this image of omnipotence of the state, which was struck by
Marios Seisidis and his comrades, when the state, for the first time,
put a bounty of mass cash sums on their heads, proving thus their
inability to arrest them, as well as their fear of three clandestine

We are not only our choices, but also the way we defend them. Both
comrades defended their choice of clandestinity with consistency but
also modesty, without verbalism and empty words.
Specifically, Kostas Sakkas with his hunger strike practically cancelled
the judicial machinations of indefinite detainment, showing a path for
the assertion/claiming of freedom. Despite all this, he received the
exploitation of his struggle from the then emerging leftist rulers, as
well as slander and mudslinging, publically, by a small of portion of
anarchists. The fact that he chose to respond with composure to the mud
he received, prevented the stirring of the internet cesspit, gossip and
intrigue. Finally, the leftist current administrators of authority, who
exploited the comrades’ hunger strike in order to build their
anti-systemic profile, remained exposed by Kostas choice to go
underground, the mouthpieces of which, later accused him of “exposing
the solidarity movement”.

After the arrests of Kostas Sakkas and Marios Seisidis, what followed
was the known emetic statements of ministers and mps concerning the
enforcement of legality, etc. Syriza, for a while now proves that that
it deserves the trust it gained from parts of the local and
international capital, and middle -now poor because of the crisis-
The economic suffocation goes hand in hand with the leftist version of
the law and order dogma, the agreements for the limitation of refugees
and the evacuation of squats, together with the following persecutions
of those who show solidarity to refugee squatters, show us that our
projects of antiauthoritarian solidarity, must be placed on the table
again and again. Our legal and illegal structures, are not only useful,
but necessary, and despite the blows we receive we cannot but respond
wherever we meet.
Until the end, until victory…

Anarchists from the 4th wing of Koridallos prisons.


Translated by Act for freedom now!

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