>Letter from Tamara Hernandez Heras against the prison


Prison – one of the strongest pillar of the state. Prisons are designed for those who do not obey, for those who consciously or not, are an example of the suffering created by the system. Besides, now in prison rather profitable business. Prison is a tool for revenge, which is used by the authorities: the punishment. Prisons are full of injustice and abuse, which show the commitment of the State to break people. Inside the prisons all aimed at having to suppress all that is human in man, this creates special conditions: the unbearable feeling of loneliness, distancing, and so gradually erased the dreams and memories of those whose minds and voices can not break down the walls within which use templates to organize life to cage more than just a body.In such circumstances, support and solidarity have become something that can destroy concrete and lattice, giving them no voice in silence.
When we speak of repression, we sometimes took the position of the victim, which hinders our understanding of reality, namely, that we are participants in an open war, in which repression is nothing but a reaction system to any attack on its foundations.This is an attempt to keep us, and that is why we always have to take a position of conflict and continue the struggle.
Fighting Prison For all who want to regain control over their lives, who do not want to take part in a false play who resists a continuing silence of society that is complicit in all of those who try to steal our lives and oppress us.
Every day, every minute, we have the opportunity to take our freedom.
I want to hug everyone who is full of rebellion and freedom.
I express my solidarity with Alfonso, Nuria, Rodriguez, Gabriel, Marco, Juan Carlos, Diego, and many others who struggle and suffer the consequences of repression: ‘Let not your cries will never die down and do not forget your rebellious heart.
My deepest contempt and hatred of our tormentors.They can not easily defeat us.
Tamara, June 6, 2010
Recall that Tamara Hernandez Heras was arrested under suspicion of sending letter-seated in the Catalan usin in protest against what Amadeu Kaselyasa continue to keep in prison (Kaselyas was released on March 9, 2010).Currently, Tamara is at liberty, she was released pending trial.

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