Lecce, Italy – An unusual police provocation


A few words about an unusual police provocation
A Lecce web paper (the only one so far and not one of the better known at local level) has posted what is probably a police press report, which affirms the existence of an imaginary grass who would allegedly have given investigators information about a ‘network of anarchists active throughout the country also with a cell in Salento’ (http://www.corrieresalentino.it/2016/07/un-pentito-svela-agli-inquirenti-una-cellula-di-anarchici-attiva-anche-nel-salento/).
So much so that still according to the article, the Lecce power of attorney has allegedly begun an investigation along with investigators in Rome and Milan.
Concerning Lecce, charges of organized crime following a string of anonymous actions against post offices are being considered. But they also talk of ‘demonstrative actions carried out all over Italy, reprisals against the TAV, marches and demonstrations’.
At the moment, as we don’t have any confirmation we can only take the article as the umpteenth intimidation and provocation towards those who struggle against the noxiousness that pesters our lives – from the TAV to Migrants’ Detention Centres, just to stick to the cases mentioned by the article in question – coming from the imagination of the journalist on duty.
Talking about CIEs, however, we point out that the one in Brindisi Restinco continues undisturbed to take in prisoners, also thanks to the convenient isolation surrounding the centre.

No news can ‘officially’ get over the walls of this concentration camp. Inside, prisoners’ lives are made even harder by the heat of the season, the overcrowding, disgusting food, lack of medical assistance, administration of tranquillizers meant to annihilate the prisoners and threats against those who protest. Sometimes this leaves space only to self-harm: on Wednesday 20th July, direct contacts revealed that a prisoner was taken to hospital after swallowing a battery.
Since the CIE reopened in Restinco in October 2015, just a small number of people in solidarity have been trying to break the silence, and along with solidarity with the prisoners they haven’t missed the opportunity to highlight that many bodies are involved in the running of the concentration camp: from the Auxilum cooperative that runs it to the food giant Ladisa that provides the catering and those who like Poste Italiane together with Mistral Air operate the internal transfers and deportations of the undocumented to North Africa.
Obviously we reaffirm the importance of continuing the struggle.
Some enemies of borders – Lecce
Translated by act for freedom now!
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