Italy Bologna, 2 August: Arrest of an anarchist for possession of explosive material


 On 4 August news appeared in the local media (Il Resto del Carlino) about the search at the home of a Bolognese anarchist after a police control following a fight in the house and the subsequent intervention of the Digos alerted by the police during the search. The media reported, “In the house were materials in common use as a fertilizer, acetone, hydrogen peroxide, but also combustible powders. Substances that, if handled in a certain way, could create an explosive mixture. That’s not all. Documents and writings of antagonistic areas, in particular anarchist were also found.” Actually it was not a charge with bail, as reported by newspapers, but an arrest for possession of explosive material, and the comrade is now locked up in the prison of Bologna Dozza pending a judicial hearing of validation.
Here is the communique of some anarchists in solidarity
We are spreading the news that our comrade Divine found the police at his door the evening of Tuesday 2nd August, following a dispute in the house. The shit entered immediately, carried out a search and alerted the digos [political police]. As reported by the press of the regime, during the raid objects and substances in common use were found which if linked together with alchemic skills could have created an explosive device, as well as various papers relating to anarchist milieu. As everybody knows, even soup that’s gone off can become a weapon in the home of an anarchist.
Divine was taken to the police station and held there for a number of days without any possibility of communicating with the outside or with lawyers. The following day the press wrote of an individual who gravitates in the anarchist area being found at home with potentially explosive material and immediately released on bail. The news was false given that, in spite of many attempts, no one managed to see Divine or to get any information about his release.
In fact, 4 days later confirmation came that the comrade is being held in the prison of Bologna on charges already reported by the press [manufacturing and possession of explosive material].
The hacks of the regime’s contemptible cover up by giving false news thus allowing Divine’s prolonged isolation, should be pointed out. We are not surprised at the state’s ferocity towards its enemies and attempts at isolation won’t stop us from continuing the attack on the existent and its active collaborators.
We are at Divine’s side, as we are with all the comrades enduring state repression, and are even more determined to continue our evil ways.
While awaiting the judge’s decision, we got confirmation that Divine is to remain in prison custody.
To write letters and telegrams in solidarity:
Divine Umoru
Via del Gomito 2, CAP 40127, Bologna
 A few anarchists
Divine has been transferred to section AS2 in Ferrara, the address to write to him is:
Divine Umoru
Via Arginone, 327
44122 Ferrara
The solidarity presence outside Bologna prison called for August 20 has therefore been moved to Ferrara, August 21.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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