Chile – prison : Letter from anarchists comrades Tamara Sol and Natalia Collado


Comrades Tamara Sol and Natalia Collado have sent this statement on the occasion of the following initiatives: anti-authoritarian Day for comrades Tamara Sol, Natalia and Nataly at the Libertarian Library Manuel Rojas. Sunday, July 17; 1st Antiauthoritarian Café Literario at the Kanno Suga and Denjiro Kotoku library. Saturday, July 30.
To the comrades, those in affinity, to those present. We were surprised to learn of this initiative, and we consider it very highly knowing that it is an initiative that comes from people whom we do not know or with whom we have no ties, who as individuals and as a group feel the desire to come together in an act of solidarity and affinities, which we greet with the affection and strength that we receive and which gives us the energy to face the prison context as we would like to.
Three weeks have passed since we found ourselves in the maximum-security section of the prison where, unlike the rest of the prison population (the other pavilions), we cannot get out of the section unless handcuffed and with a guard at our side to control us. Likewise we are prevented from participating in learning or recreational activities apart from going out a couple of days to play women’s football at the field.
This highlights the fear that institutions have for libertarians, anarchists and people who collide with the system and civilization. This in the women’s prison at least.
But in this context we are trying to break the isolation and control also of our ideas through learning spaces such as a kitchen garden that we have built from recycled materials, and at the moment we are waiting for the tailoring and screen printing project here in the section, in addition to other things that we have in mind.
We want you to know that we are happy to be together and to be working to nourish our ideas and also strengthen more bonds and practices such as forms of confrontation with the established order. And on this point we are preoccupied about the arrests of comrades that have increased following the new law on weapons and explosives control involving prohibitive convictions and no benefits from 3 to 5 years for those with a weapon or a Molotov, as well as for those who activate incendiary devices or explosives.
Faced with this new panorama, and weighing up the costs in terms of a greater number of arrested comrades, we think that at the time of passing to the attack through an action, it is important to consider the aim, the potency and effectiveness thereof and at the same time broaden the objectives and see the weak points of the patriarchal, techno-industrial capitalist machine, physically as well as morally and in ideas.
We recall as points of reference actions such as attacks, expropriations for which now see a comrade in captivity in Spain; the wave of churches burned in the South; the technological and scientific centres destroyed; the car bomb at Microsoft; Rote Zora’s actions against patriarchy; the CCF, the Mapuche and the affinity groups that organize and conspire in anonymity ..
From these cells, we send you our love, receiving the strength and solidarity that you have generated.
Tamara Sol Farías y Tato (Natalia Collado).
S.E.A.S (Maximum security section of San Joaquín prison).
via: crocenera anarchica
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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