Chile – Prosecution lodges penalties request for Juan, Nataly & Enrique in ‘Bombs Case 2’


Finally after nearly two years, the prosecution has closed the investigation stage and is sending anarchist comrades Juan, Enrique and Nataly to trial, accusing them under the anti-terrorism law of explosive attacks on subway stations and police stations during 2014.
The prosecution are seeking 10 years imprisonment for Enrique Guzman, who they consider to be an accomplice in the attack on a police station.
Nataly Casanova is considered responsible for the possession of gunpowder in her home (during the raids of September 18, 2014) and for participation in the attack against a subway car at Los Dominicos metro station.
The prosecution is seeking life imprisonment for Juan Flores who is accused of involvement in the attack against a subway car at Los Dominicas metro station, the attack against the police station and the attack against Subcentro at Escuela Militar metro station.
Soon the court will set the date for trial preparation, where the evidence that will be used for the trial will be presented.
Even if they order them to be punished in hell, the ideas of liberation cannot be locked up forever!
(via Publicaion Refractario)

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