Merseyside Anti-Fascist Jailed – uk


Our much loved sister, Michelle Smith, pleaded guilty to the state charges against her for her participation in organised direct action against fascists in Dover on January 30th 2016.
On Tuesday 12th July Michelle was sentenced to 12 months in Prison at Canterbury Crown Court.
On that dreadful day in Dover, the state supported a group of armed and dangerous fascists to meet together in public and bring terror and hate to the streets of Dover. These neo-nazis demonstrated with the protection of the police, they hurled insults and threw missiles at our comrades, the public and at the police.
Michelle is passionate in her beliefs and in standing up for the rights of people to live without fear of racist attacks.
Michelle has never been violent, she has remained dignified even when these thugs have repeatedly threatened her home address, her children and her livelihood. Michelle remained dignified when one of these thugs attacked her in her in her work place.
She has spent her life in the service of others. She is a single mother of two children and her involvement in anti-fascism has always been about making this country a safer place for them to live. Her actions were taken to resist racism and fascism.
We believe that anti-fascist action is always self-defence. By confronting fascists and their ideas we strive for people to live without fear. We stand with Michelle and always will do. We ask every one of you to remember the atrocious history of violence that fascists have done and continue to do to our society and to support us by joining, campaigning and donating to the cause.
We will not allow our comrade to be forgotten; we will campaign for her release
She is in there for us, and we are out here for her.
No Pasaran!
If you want to write to Michelle message our page and we will send you her details.
Solidarity x
via:Merseyside Anti-Fascist Network

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