Faced with political announcements and rumors of the closure of the universities from Thursday, December 3, given the protests a year after the state murder of Alexander Grigoropoulos, comrades in Athens decided to come and stay and with their physical and political presence keep the space open, preventing its closure.
The University and all colleges are large estates of any government and rectors shut them whenever they decide. They belong first and foremost to struggling people. This is why it was decided by the state to close schools in order not to let them be used by comrades as places of assembly, fermentation, counter information and actions.
We are keeping the University open and call tonight, Thursday, Dec. 3, to a 9 pm debate – Meeting for working out and coordinating collective action to fight the next day.
Asylum is in society and UNIVERSITIES! AND NO TO THE POLICE!
DO NOT FORGET – we do not forgive, 6 December 2008
The insurrection is not suppressed, the specter is haunting THE CITY

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