Turin, Italy – 2nd September: Court of Review concerning the case of the storming of Turkish Airlines


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If you thought you’d scare us you chose the wrong target!
This is how we ended our last communiqué and we are taking up again from there to give a few updates and relaunch new initiatives.
Our story, we recall, is an investigation following a storming of Turkish airlines premises that took place a year ago in solidarity with the Kurdish people, denouncing what was going on in Turkey, a very topical question today.  That is why ten comrades from Cuneo, Val Pellice, Val Chisone, Val Susa and Turin were given orders to report twice a day to a police station by judges in Turin.
Most of us are not complying with the order, consciously choosing to face the judicial consequences. Far be it for us to want to be imprisoned at all costs; on the contrary what is driving us is the will to trace a path already taken by others who, between Turin and Val Susa decided to ignore the restrictions imposed on them so as not to allow the State to further narrow the space for action and impose silence through a string of measures alternative to prison. These are defined lesser measures, which the Turin judges dish out in large quantities but are actually aimed at putting a brake on the struggle.

All of us have decided not only to disregard the impositions but also to continue to oppose repression alongside the many people in solidarity who understand what’s at stake.
For those who have infringed the obligation to report to the police station an exacerbation of the measure has been demanded and granted.
Prosecutor Rinaudo would like to see us in handcuffs, would like to silence us right at a time that it is even more urgent to mobilise in the face of what is happening in Turkey and the Middle East: military intervention from western powers always on the frontline in dishing out death and plundering resources, massacres, disappearances, the suppression of any residual margins of freedom.
Normally the Review Court hearing would have taken place within ten days from 21st July, the day the measures were notified, but in this case the timing of the operation, as the court is about to close for the summer break, means it has been put off to 2nd September, when the judges are to decide whether to revoke the orders to report to the police station, revise the measure or confirm it.
For our part, we repeat that we won’t give in to their threats and are making this callout for participation in the meeting that will take place at Radio Black Out (via cecchi 2, Turin) at 9pm on 26th August in order to get organized for the review.
We also invite anyone who wants to express solidarity to do so in the week before 2nd September.
The accused and others in solidarity
Translated by act for freedom now!

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