Italy – Cassa Antirepressione delle Alpi Occidentali [Western Alps Anti-repression Fund] communique re restrictive measures and the refusal to comply with them


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The string of restrictive measures issued by the Turin judges doesn’t seem to stop, as the latter have the support of a power of attorney that misses no opportunity in its attempt to neutralize various expressions of the struggle.
A list would be incomplete and superfluous. And, besides being of little use, self-commiseration is not our custom.
What must be said, however, is that in the face of the notification of restrictive measures that has been going on for months, comrades have decided to refuse to submit to such measures.
Orders to reside in Turin issued following the struggle against CIEs [Centres of Identification and Deportation] are not being respected because of not wanting to be far from places of life and struggle; house arrests following a demo against the high speed train yard in Val Susa are not being observed because ‘enough is enough’; orders to report to the police station twice a day following an investigation on the occupation of the Turkish Airlines premises at Caselle airport in support of the Kurdish people’s resistance are not being obeyed, to confirm the continuity of a choice that is spreading.

Brave choices, which obviously carry consequences. Giuliano and Luca are currently being held in Vallette prison for not having complied with house arrest ordered following a demo in Val Susa.
Neither scandalised at the repressive measures, nor indignant about their impact, beyond the many reasons for not complying with the impositions and in the multiplicity of the trajectories each one undertakes, we are calling for active support for anyone who tries to jam the mechanisms of repression and reacts to it in the way they think best.
Without ever forgetting Vincenzo who’s been in hiding since 2012, ridiculing an arrest warrant released following the definitive13-year and 3-months sentence for the 2001 events in Genoa on the occasion of the G8 summit.
Cassa Antirepressione delle Alpi Occidentali
Translated by act for freedom now!

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