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fanzine-PLOn the night of May 23rd, the police in Warsaw arrested three anarchists on charges of an alleged arson attempt of a police vehicle. The three were transferred to a remand prison where they are to be held in custody for three months, awaiting trial. They face up to 8 years in prison. Media frenzy broke out over the arrest in the past few days, with high-ranking politicians and experts on terrorism discussing the matter on TV. Photos and video reruns of the arrested walking with chains around their feet and hands are broadcast on public transportation…
About the three anarchists arrested in Warsaw:
Sobre los 3 anarquistas detenidos en Varsovia:
A propos des 3 anarchistes arrêtés à Varsovie :
Bezüglich der drei verhafteten Anarchisten in Warschau:
O trzech anarchistach zatrzymanych w Warszawie:
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