Italy – Anarchist arrests …


This morning 6 of September news of a new repressive operation concocted by the prosecutor in Turin aimed at striking the informal FAI, dirty nasty and bad, that has nothing to do – as many journo hacks write – with the fai – Italian anarchist federation, whose members will finally be happy to have reached in the “official” media the long desired license of respectability: this time at least they will not have to dissociate themselves publicly.
The operation called “Scripta manent” led to numerous searches across Italy and the arrest of seven rebels, accused of various actions.
Regarding the procedural rules for ugly spies in the pay of power, nothing new, the attempt has already been revealed clearly, for the umpteenth time they will try to give them associative crime by building structures and hierarchies on paper, as ridiculous as they are predictable; but never mind conjecture, let’s put that off to when the picture is clearer, what presses now – and what counts – is to express all possible solidarity to the 7 rebels taken into custody by power, well aware that they will face the lash of repression heads held high as Alfredo and Nicola have already done, they too coerced actors in this new melodrama of power.
Solidarity with the rebels of the earth, may the fire continue to burn, also for them!
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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