Italy – op. ”Scripta Manent” – Solidarity communiques


Here are two communiques in solidarity with the comrades arrested on September 6 during the repressive operation “Scripta Manent”:
We receive and spread:
Communique from Bologna
At dawn on Tuesday, September 6, the Digos, on behalf of the Prosecutor of Turin, burst into the homes of dozens of people throughout Italy pistols drawn. By the end of the day there were two arrest warrants notified in prison and six arrests, five of which concerned the operation and one that resulted from the outcome of one of the searches.
In a well-known script yet another nationwide repressive operation unfolds, called to foil the anarchist conspiracy and its “associative organization”, thanks to the infamous and never too old 270bis.
In the province of Bologna, an event emblematic of the “modus operandi” of the police takes place. During the house search of a comrade and the land adjacent to it, two police officers are surprised by the comrade himself, who, thanks to his vigilant and distrustful attitude, was fiddling with a gun, not an ordinance one, inside a transparent envelope. Perceiving that they had been caught the two pick the pistol in question up off the ground and put it into one of their pockets. We leave the interpretation of this disturbing episode to you.
We are close to those hit by this umpteenth repressive operation, to whom goes our solidarity. In a world that would like us to be helpless and whining we are on the side of those who still have enemies, choosing them from those responsible for their misery, and organize to make them pay for it.
Some anarchists in Bologna

From Pisa

In solidarity with all rebels

On September 6 the police struck anarchists again with about thirty raids across Italy and 6 arrests: Anna, Marco, Sandrone, Daniele, Danilo and Valentina, in addition to the notification in prison for Nicola and Alfredo.

Also on this occasion we would like to reiterate where we stand. We are with those who are not resigned, those who do not obey the written and unwritten laws of this rotten society, those who believe in action as a means to change things and not in chatter.
We are not waiting for better or worse times to express concretely all the rage toward those who oppress, exploit and destroy, now almost undisturbed.
Now is the time!
Pisa Garage Anarchico

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