Rome. Italy – Communiqué on the demo at the Ponte Galeria CIE to be held on 17/9


loc17settembre_coloriWe receive and publish a communiqué calling for a solidarity demo outside the CIE in Ponte Galeria. We remind you that you can write to us at
Until only debris remains of the concentration camps
More walls and detention centres, police and volunteers on the borders, new agreements on migrants’ forced deportation between the states, raids in the streets hunting for ‘irregular persons’ and militarization of the territory are redesigning the face of Europe. A Europe that continues to entrench itself behind its borders excluding the undesirables while at the same time hiding behind a hypocritical approach to the welcoming of migrants. An integration that exploits migrants with the blackmail of a stay permit, and uses them as underpaid or ‘voluntary’ workers.
The CIE, detention centres for undocumented migrants awaiting deportation, are among the instruments used by states to control and repress. Following the imprisoned migrants’ revolts that destroyed a number of centres and put them out of use, only 4 out of the 13 that were built in Italy are functioning: Turin, Rome-Ponte Galeria, Brindisi-Restinco, Pian del Lago-Caltanissetta.
In spite of the exacerbation of restrictive measures even in the remaining centres the revolt continues. In the month of August, as living conditions inside these prisons were deteriorating, there was prisoners’ resistance, both individual and collective.
In Brindisi, as a solidarity demo was taking place outside the CIE on 8th August, some prisoners set mattresses and bedsheets alight to the cry of ‘Freedom’, putting three dormitories out of use.  After the revolt the migrants, forced to sleep on the floor in the yard or in corridors, went on hunger strike.

On 4th August in Turin, two migrants cut themselves to resist deportation; on 9th August a prisoner was taken to the Vallette prison after attempting to set the cell on fire. Back in the CIE a few days later, he completed the work of destruction. Still in Turin another migrant sewed his lips together demanding a hearing over his asylum claim and a date was eventually fixed.
Moreover in the hotspot of Lampedusa, after a big revolt in May which resulted in the destruction of one of the three units, another fire caused damage to the underage migrants’ area in the evening of 24th August.
In Rome the CIE’s male unit is still closed following the revolt of last December. In the female unit, the only one in Italy, about 40 women are locked up, but the number of prisoners reaches 120-130 in the days before a mass deportation.
In the attempt to break up solidarity with migrants, repression is also intensifying against those who try to support the struggle of the prisoners in these concentration camps from the outside. We know that the constant checks at stations and on trains and an ever massive and aggressive presence of the forces of order outside the CIE are meant to intimidate all the people in solidarity.
The migrants’ courage and strength as they continue to rebel in these prisons in order to regain their freedom pushes us to return to outside those walls and to join their struggle with our voices.
For this reason on 17th September we’ll be outside the walls of the Ponte Galeria CIE in great number in support of the women still locked up there and to tell them they’re not alone.
Meeting point at 1pm, from where we’ll board the train together (we decided to set an earlier time for the demo so as to allow everyone to participate in the event in memory of Fabrizio Ceruso, which will take place in San Basilio at 5pm).
Enemies of borders
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Translated by act for freedom now!

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