Mexico – Explosive-Incendiary Sabotage of Police Vehicles in Ecatepec


“The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction”
W. Blake
Before dawn on September 13, at 3:30am, two explosive-incendiary devices were placed on two police vehicles at a police substation located in the Rio de Luz neighborhood in Ecatepec de Morelos, State of Mexico. Blah, blah, blah, why ya reading if ya already know?
We believe that the spectacle of the supposed “anarchist movement in Mexico” is one too focused on aesthetics, narcissism, posing and simulation and not dedicated enough to assuming the role of material war against all existent, a lot of noise and little action, we know that there are completely different ways of understanding reality and no moral authority exists with which one can judge another, however, we have a few things to say:
1.-The solemn formality and messianic character of many “anarchist” discourses cause little more than laughter, as they apparently brag about a great commitment to the “cause” but little desire to risk daily comforts, which results in mediocre actions that only stroke the ego, gaining attention without dealing a forceful blow to the system.
2.-For us, violence can and should be demystified and made commonplace, made available to any individuality, without turning to professionalism or revolutionary heroism. We don’t identify with the figure of the urban guerilla, the anonymous avenger, etc.

3.-Utopia and revolution interest us little. We want revenge. We have no program or ideology, we just have our guts, our delusions, selfish desires, whims, tantrums, etc.
4.-We don’t want to contribute to mediocrity by thinking that one simple sabotage is a blow for the colossal machinery that kills us daily. We know that the losses we caused are minimal in comparison with the infinity of live annihilated by this shitty normality we live in.
5.-Even less so do we give credit to the energy wasted on events, shows, parties and stupidities that only reinforce the pathetic egos of the participants and alleviate the guilt of their organizations. We know that many of these events are done in good faith with the aim of raising funds for this or that project, for compañerxs in prison, etc. However, to direct all energy on these matters, simulating and alluding to a fictitious war against the system, leaving everything in theory, words, chatter, songs and partying is what busts our ovaries/balls, our vengeance is not “to be happy”, our vengeance is material and relatively immediate, there is no hope for better or “more favorable” times.
6.-To hell with the masses.
7.-We want to encourage the crew to arm themselves and have fun carrying out their own attacks in their daily lives, in their neighborhood, or wherever. We mock the formalities and solemnities that only reinforce a fraudulent ego but cause no damage. They are therefore harmless.
8.-Well, quickly, we just wanted to laugh for a bit without so much “insurrectionary” chest thumping, without so much libertarian morality and solemnity, we made an unimportant joke, same as the supposed insurrection/war that the leftists, reds, anarchos, and other rebels claim to be carrying out.
9.-There is no other reason than now, we only “have” the immediate.
10.-To expand chaos, continue the crazy vandalizing, more action and less sitting on our ass.
In criminal energy!
Chichi Cell



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